5 colors of luxury furniture upholstery that can help you create an interior

The furniture you choose represents you and enhances your home. He must be chosen very carefully according to his personal style. Luxury Italian furniture is suitable for your home if you want to get a harmonious space, aligned to the highest quality standards. To see the collections of Nobili Design, an importer of Italian luxury furniture, you can access the following collections:

If you love the colors and visual combinations that inspire you, here are 5 options for your bed upholstery and how you can integrate them:

1. Italian white luxury furniture

Italian white luxury furniture is very well known all over the world. It is an emblem of good taste and is used in design projects in classic and modern spaces. For a bedroom furniture that will impress you, you can choose a complete set with wardrobe, bed, bedside tables and any of the pieces of furniture that fit into the space you have. The upholstery of the white furniture can also be white, with stitches that bring the bedroom a royal, luxurious look. The walls may remain white or may have light shades of ocher, beige or gray. Depending on the design, other shades suitable for the general image can be integrated. White allows the combination of other colors, being considered neutral.

2. Blue upholstery

If you choose a bed with blue upholstery, then you can bring this shade inside the room, in a small percentage, and through accessories. You can have a lamp with a direct reference to the shade of the upholstery or you can add other small decorative elements that are suitable. Blue is a soothing color that brings a feeling of well-being and is very suitable for the bedroom. It is often integrated into design projects for rest rooms.

3. Gray upholstery

A gray upholstery is perfect for you if you love neutral colors or if you want to get an elegant image. The texture you choose can be satin, slightly glossy. The shades chosen will depend on what you want to express. Thus, a light gray can be brought together with white pieces of furniture for a fresh, cheerful and youthful image. A dark gray can be matched with an elegant, mature decor or combinations that involve pieces of furniture in contrasting colors. Gray upholstery offers unlimited decoration possibilities.

4. Beige upholstery

In order to have a warm space, which offers the feeling of a pleasant, soothing space, you can choose a gray upholstery of the bed sheet. You can put it next to the curtains with warm shades and white furniture. This arrangement can give a feeling of well-being, relaxation and home.

5. Light powder pink upholstery

For people who love feminine, beautiful colors, powder pink upholstery is the perfect option. So, you can choose this discreet pink variant for a room of a teenager, for rooms full of decoration details framed in the same theme. The same shade of pink or a darker dull pink can be found in decorative pillows, in combinations of different textures of curtains or rugs.