It doesn't matter if you have a holiday home in the mountains or at the sea when you are looking for decorative ideas, because you want what is best for the place where you will spend your holidays. If the holiday home is located in a mountainous area, choose intense colors to complement the bright green that surrounds you.They match perfectly shades of red with warm shades of orange or you can opt for yellow and brown. Combining wood with stone fits very well, and if you have a yard, a decorative flower cart will complete the exterior design of the house.

The holiday home is a space for relaxation, which is why every corner of the house must meet your comfort needs, but be warm and welcoming. It is not wrong to have a library, because every time you are on vacation you will want to relax in front of a relaxing book.

On the ground floor, the open-space living room can have a fireplace, a library and other pieces of furniture, but you must also pay attention to the dining area.The living room kitchen can be delimited by a rustic bar clad in stone, and the kitchen can be complete with built-in appliances and solid furniture.

The floor can be made of laminate flooring, and the bedrooms can keep the rustic style, if this is what you want for the holiday home. A seaside holiday home should be welcoming, but airy, to create the impression that you have a generous space.Because the main role of a holiday home is to provide you with all the necessary conditions for relaxation, it is not wrong to equip your bathroom with a jacuzzi.It is ideal to energize you after a day full of interesting activities. Whether it is a holiday home, a villa or an apartment, you can use textiles, such as curtains and drapes, spotlights, sconces, chandeliers, lighting fixtures and chandeliers, to complete your decor in an original way.

In addition, a holiday home must be welcoming, because it is the place where you will invite your friends on holidays. If you are in the middle of nature and enjoy the free time you have at your disposal, you do not want to spoil your good mood due to an uninspired decorated room, which is not practical and whose aesthetic effect leaves much to be desired.

With the experience of decorating villas, Nobili Design offers you 3D projects, through which you can visualize what your dream home will look like. The smallest detail of the decoration project will be treated with professionalism and seriousness, in order to be satisfied with the final result.

So, you will be able to give a holiday air in every room of your holiday home. It will be easy to come back every time with pleasure, but also to wish you not to leave the oasis of relaxation, created with good taste and elegance. Due to the importance of holiday homes in our lives, we recommend that you do not treat their decoration superficially, because every detail can give it an extra beauty, to create the ideal space for relaxation.