Modern Bedroom Design Tips with Furniture: 35+ Ideas for Creating a Relaxing Space

Lately, the house has become the space where we carry out more activities, not only the space where we take refuge after the hard days. At home we spend time with our loved ones, we prepare different dishes, some of us even work, do sports and so on. However, the house should not lose its main feature, namely, that of relaxation space and in which room do you get rid of daily stress better than in the bedroom?

That being said, the bedroom must be a space arranged exactly as it should be, to our taste and meet all our needs. In the following, we will discuss the arrangement of the bedroom, from A to Z and we will start with the arrangement depending on the size.

Modern bedroom design solutions: 35+ ideas for creating an oasis of relaxation

When it comes to choosing colors, find out that you don't have a strict set of rules that you have to follow. This is usually done depending on your preferences and how the colors influence your mood. The architects' recommendation is to choose neutral shades, which should be in contrast with color spots given by different objects. Curtains, drapes, rugs, colored pillows, blankets, all these elements can help you a lot in obtaining the desired design. For an elegant atmosphere, choose light colors that dress the entire arrangement in a discreet and pleasant palette.

Small bedroom design - bedroom colors

When we talk about curtains and drapes, their main role is to block natural light and provide the privacy we all need. In this case, choose long curtains, made of thick materials, but light in color, to create the impression of a spacious room.

Depending on the previous choices, you can orient yourself towards vivid colors that will give life to the room or fade shades that will keep the idea of simplicity and unitary aspect, as minimalist as possible. The carpet in the bedroom must be the right size, because most of the space will be occupied by furniture. Position the carpet in front of the bed and choose one of a different color from the floor.

How do we arrange the furniture in a modern bedroom?

The arrangement of the furniture and the bed contributes a lot to the created atmosphere. It is placed as far away from the door as possible, but not near the window, to avoid the cold. The mattress must be of high quality. Choose a dressing room with large mirrors to create the impression of more spacious space or an open support with hangers and clothes racks. Avoid very large, solid wood furniture.

The lighting fixtures contribute significantly to the entire arrangement. Consider the general, work and decorative lighting (floor lamps, lamps, night lights). In arranging a modern bedroom, an oversized chandelier will make the room look bigger, and for small bedrooms with high ceilings, long chandeliers and sconces can provide very good lighting and add a touch of elegance.

Regarding the decorative accessories in the arrangement of the modern bedroom, you can opt for candles, bowls, storage racks, lamps. Large accessories will make the bedroom look more spacious.

Modern bedroom design depending on the type of home

Lack of space can be a real problem even for those who live in the house, but you can adapt the space you have in style and arrange it as efficiently as possible. Adapt the furniture so that the space is not unnecessarily loaded and give the feeling of suffocation. Opt for multifunctional furniture and colors that increase the space.

Bedroom arrangement at home

When it comes to arranging apartment bedrooms, you have to make compromises in terms of furniture, but do not give up comfort when it comes to the bed, because it ensures a restful sleep. Choose a bed with storage spaces included, such as those with crates or drawers on the sides. Arrange in style by creating an accented wall. Choose a bolder color, depending on the shade palette you choose. Choose a darker color or an oversized painting or a series of smaller elements and paintings, arranged in a straight line or in asymmetrical shapes. Choose a dressing room with mirrors, and if the clothes will not be stored in the bedroom, then mount a large mirror on one of the walls of the room. You will get a bigger space.

Apartment bedroom arrangements

The smaller the space, the more difficult it will be to arrange. But it is not impossible. In the case of an apartment, it has a kitchen, living room and bedroom in separate spaces. In a studio, all this must be included in one room.

Arranging the studio with the bedroom

Divide the room into two areas and mount the bed next to the window. Choose light and fine shades, such as white-gray, gray-purple, white-beige or all-gray walls. Decorate the walls with artistic photos or paintings. The dressing room must have enough storage space inside and must be accessible. Choose large pillows, a long and voluminous chandelier, in light and pastel colors.

Modern attic bedroom design

A quiet and intimate space. Here you can encounter problems due to ventilation and natural lighting. The right shade for the walls is white and yellow, and for the parquet choose a shade close to that of the walls. In the attic, the furniture will fit harder due to the inclination of the ceiling. Summarize everything you need for a peaceful sleep and moments of deep relaxation. Like the walls and the floor, the furniture and textiles must be in light shades, reflect light and give the feeling of space.

Modern bedroom design

It is characterized by straight lines, a minimum of accessories and decorations in precise shapes. Here are found flat shapes, fabrics with neutral and solid geometries and very few decorative accessories in the shelves for storage. If you don't find it visually warm, balance it with chromatics.

Modern bedroom design depending on the destination

The bedroom for one person does not require as much furniture as the bedroom for two people. The rules for arranging the furniture are maintained here, but keep in mind that the bed must be placed close to one of the walls, because you do not need access for two people. You can place a comfortable armchair and a small library in which to place your favorite books and in which to place your favorite decorative pieces. Opt for a small dressing room. Create accents using strong decorations or a light fixture in a special shape.

Modern bedroom for children's rooms

It does not require much furniture, and it is important that the bedroom is soothing and relaxing for children. Summarize from a narrow color palette, keep fine and neutral shades. The lighting must be a suitable one, to rely on the natural one and not to abuse the artificial one. Give up the thick curtains and choose light-colored textiles that light up the whole room. Arrange a play area for him to spend time with his toys.

Modern bedroom for young people and teenagers

Here you may encounter problems, because teenagers want to arrange their room in their own style. He will be the one to choose what he likes and what suits him. The key is not to miss the desk, the bed can be single or double, depending on the size of the room. For furniture, choose functional and useful pieces that do not load unnecessary space, with fine lines. Opt for a balanced color and avoid complementary design. Choose neutral shades such as pale pink, blue, gray, green and even non-colored.

Modern double bedroom design

Here both partners must have enough space. It relies on Italian furniture and a large dresser, with simple lines and a bed with side storage spaces. You can place in a corner a dressing table for the beauty products of both partners. The bed must be positioned in the middle, to leave space on both sides. In arranging the modern apartment, you have to take care of some very important aspects. These are the most useful tips that you should follow when you want to arrange your bedroom in a modern style with quality furniture. Remember that size is the most important criterion, so bend to the options you have and make choices based on it.