La Cantina Les Forques

The La Cantina restaurant is among the most sought-after places to serve meals in the Les Forqes area, which combines 3 important kitchens under the same name.

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We offer international, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. We serve traditional Spanish and Catalan products as well as top quality fish and seafood dishes. The La Cantina restaurant offers you a diverse range of pork, beef or chicken dishes carefully prepared on the charcoal grill. Our cuisine blends very well with the original menu skillfully prepared by our chefs. Google Map: 🌎

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Carrer de Santa Llogaia, 56, 17740 Les Forques

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🕑 Monday 07–23:30 🕑 Tuesday: Closed🕑 Wednesday 07–23:30 🕑 Thursday 07–23:30 🕑 Friday 07–23:30 🕑 Saturday 07–23 🕑 Sunday 07–23

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Menu La Cantina Les Forqes

All the dishes found in the La Cantina restaurant's menu are based on the best quality ingredients and original recipes.

✅ Grilled pork steak ✅Seafood ✅Fish and fish dishes ✅Octopus ✅Chicken and chicken dishes ✅Beef ✅Cold plate ✅Burger.

Menu Paella Restaurant La Cantina Les Forques -14.12.2023 Menu Paella Restaurant La Cantina Les Forques -14.12.2023

Paella 13 euros - Menu of the Day 14.12.2023

The Menu of the Day Paella at Restaurant La Cantina Les Forques is a culinary journey that brings the iconic flavors of Spain to your table. Our daily offering features a tantalizing paella as the centerpiece, expertly crafted with the finest ingredients and infused with a harmonious blend of aromatic spices. This special menu is a testament to our commitment to delivering an authentic and delightful experience.

Begin your gastronomic adventure with carefully curated appetizers that set the stage for the main attraction – a generous serving of paella, a quintessential Spanish dish known for its rich and savory combination of rice, saffron, and a variety of fresh seafood or meats. Our chefs masterfully prepare each paella to perfection, ensuring a medley of flavors in every bite.

Complemented by a selection of starters and desserts that showcase the diversity of Spanish cuisine, the Menu of the Day Paella at La Cantina Les Forques is designed to immerse you in a culinary celebration. Whether you're a connoisseur of Spanish flavors or a newcomer eager to explore, our restaurant invites you to savor the vibrancy and authenticity of this beloved dish.

Join us at La Cantina Les Forques for a memorable dining experience where the Menu of the Day Paella captures the essence of Spain's culinary heritage, served in a warm and inviting ambiance. ¡Buen provecho!

Menu Restaurant La Cantina Les Forques 13.12.2023 Menu Restaurant La Cantina Les Forques 13.12.2023

Menu of the Day 13 Euros - Restaurant La Cantina Les Forques

The Menu of the Day at Restaurant La Cantina Les Forques in Figueres is a culinary delight that unfolds with a symphony of flavors, showcasing the best of local and seasonal ingredients. Crafted with care and creativity, our menu is a culinary journey that evolves daily to provide a fresh and satisfying experience for our guests.

Begin your dining experience with enticing appetizers that tease the palate, setting the stage for the gastronomic adventure that follows. Our main courses, carefully curated and prepared, offer a diverse range of options to suit various tastes and preferences. From hearty classics to innovative dishes, each selection is a testament to our commitment to quality and culinary expertise.

Complemented by a selection of refreshing beverages, our Menu of the Day at La Cantina Les Forques provides a well-rounded dining experience. The culinary journey culminates with delectable desserts, adding a sweet note to your meal and leaving you with a lasting impression.

Whether you're a local patron or a visitor exploring the culinary scene in Figueres, La Cantina Les Forques invites you to savor the essence of our kitchen through the ever-evolving and delightful Menu of the Day. Join us for a memorable dining experience where every dish is a celebration of flavors and a reflection of our passion for exceptional cuisine.

Valid for today: 13.12.2023

General Information at the Canteen

The restaurant is close to the center of Les Forques.

Tourist attractions nearby

 ✔️- 5 minutes away from the train station in Vilafante.

✔️- 7 minutes away from Dalí Theater and Museum Figueres

✔️- 20 minutes away from Castell de Sant Ferran

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Reviews of La Cantina Les Foques

The restaurant has a good reputation with an excellent score of 4.3. I discovered over 603 positive reviews in the Google profile.

Review from Benoit G.

Very good restaurant with terrace, a bit noisy on Sunday because the event should not be missed, especially in summer. Really competitive prices for the location. I really ate very well, with the possibility of taking the rest.

Review from TAC

Grilled meat restaurant as well as tapas. They have a €9.50 weekday menu and reasonable prices. The meat quality is average. The grill is in the dining room next to the bar. At breakfast for €5.50 you can have sausage or bacon.

Review from Céline Lussan P.

With dining services | Lunch | 10 - 20 €

A great discovery. An authentic restaurant. Fresh and tasty food. Pleasant and efficient waiters and waitresses. A safe bet... This is not a tourist trap. Entry garbanzos con calmos to take without hesitation. Next time it will be pop a la brasa. THANK YOU!

Reviewed by Jose M.

The restaurant was recommended to me and the food is very good. I recommend the grilled octopus.